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Flight Simulation Support
Title:Flight Simulation Support
Location:Orlando, FL

8-koi is currently pursuing an opportunity that would support NAWCTSD in the Acquisition and Management of Navy Training Services, in Orlando, FL.  This contract will provide support to overarching programs including; Aviation Platforms, Sea Platforms, Undersea Platforms, Schools, Research as well as other programs that fall under NAWCTSD Program Directorates or Competencies.

We are currently targeting an award date in late 2019 with Contract Transition to begin in early 2020.  As is typical in the Government Contracts Arena, Incumbent (current) employees that fit the skill set and compensation metrics, with a successful performance record will be given first right of refusal to retain employment on this contract while new applicants will be considered for all position on an as needed basis.

Please review all opportunities that are listed and apply to any/all positions that match your skill set.  For further information or any questions please reach out to

Flight Simulation Support:

The 8-koi team will support flight simulation efforts by performing the following work:

a. Perform engineering analysis and planning, preliminary design, design evaluation, design review, and test and validation of flight simulation systems.

b. Establish training system performance requirements in terms of kinematic and aerodynamic  modeling methods from both engineering design and software implementation aspects, computer hardware capabilities, design data and validation criteria data issues, debugging and validation test methodologies, and kinesthetic and tactile pilot/operator cueing systems such as motion platforms and control loading systems.

c. Perform studies, detailed analysis, literature searches, and exploratory projects to identify solutions to specific critical problems when existing technology cannot provide a satisfactory solution or where technical or training risk is unusually high.

d. Provide consultation and engineering analysis to support Government planning for future flight simulation systems. Provide specific recommendations on technical approach based on extrapolations of future capabilities in flight simulation.

e. Perform engineering analysis of relationships between flight simulation, pilot feel and motion cueing, visual simulation, and other simulation areas to establish critical performance parameters for all elements of the system affecting integration of the system.

f. Provide consultation and training for other Government flight simulation specialists.

g. Develop corrections or originate replacements to trainer math models, participate in software/hardware modification efforts relating to flight simulation, and provide CSS during the test effort to validate these modifications.

h. Develop, evaluate, and refine new flight fidelity test methods and data analysis techniques.

i. Conduct analyses of available data on aircraft performance, flying qualities, and flight systems operation to define the flight simulation envelope with associated performance parameters as required by the training missions and objectives identified by user commands.

j. Determine areas where pilot performance indices have to be established to evaluate trainer performance.

k. Conduct in-depth analyses of new or emerging simulation and modeling technology and testing concepts to achieve optimum quantitative engineering criteria for aircraft performance and flying qualities and systems operation for the training system specifications.

l. Analyze the M&S impact of digital computer hardware/software system design, including the possibility of interfacing aircraft hardware (computers, actuators, etc.) and software with the simulation under consideration.

m. Develop design analyses, cost estimates, technical approaches, and other planning documents for flight simulation training system elements and other related M&S applications.

n. Formulate sections of detailed training system specifications related to flight simulation, especially for complex and high risk applications, to establish degree of simulation fidelity, performance tolerances, and other performance requirements

o. Develop technical proposal requirements to identify critical or potential engineering problem areas relating to flight simulation, in order to elicit specific information from proposed industry design approaches.

p. Evaluate technical engineering proposals IAW Government established criteria.

q. Develop Navy testing milestones for flight fidelity to include test planning, analysis of test results, and corrective recommendations to flight fidelity deficiencies.

r. Perform the following flight simulation tactical environment tasks:

(1) Perform aircraft tactical environment analysis, testing, and validation.

(2) Provide expert technical consultation and guidance for tactical player characteristics and tactical system operation (stand alone as well as networked applications) to include:

(a) M&S of complex player (aircraft and missiles) dynamic models.

(b) Complex player (fighter and attack aircraft tactical logic) behavioral models

(c) Instructional interfaces (Instructor/Operator Station (IOS) and model editing)

(d) Develop advanced methods for obtaining and evaluating design data.

(e) Develop advanced validation methods.

8-Koi and, its wholly owned subsidiary, CDE are Equal Opportunity Employers. 8-Koi and CDE do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.

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